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Dear users, Welcome to the ranks of success! The site – Ethereum Salary – is based on the sudden life changes of a person who worked as a cashier in a grocery store. My name is Natalia. I’m not looking for free time! My networking experience is over 15 years!

I was both in the small business and in blockchain projects. The choice is made! Unlimited and lifetime earnings – Smart contract Ethereum. Here everyone can become a millionaire! The main thing is to manually record specific actions, about which information is on the site!


Earn Crypto Ethereum Smart contract. Welcome to the ranks of the opportunity to become a millionaire!

Smart contract Ethereum! NOT a network business! Not Airdrop or Bounty! NOT an investment! Not trading! The smart contract has already been uploaded to the Ethereum cryptocurrency network. It cannot be modified or deleted by anyone, including its creators.

A smart contract can provide you, my friend, with unlimited and lifetime income! The task of a smart contract is not to store money, but to redirect it between the wallets of its participants. Accordingly, the balance of the smart contract is always zero!
Dear user, Welcome to the ranks of the opportunity to become a millionaire!
I will tell you how to read a smart contract to earn crypto infinite money in Ethereum!

My viewer! To your attention serial “Ordinary Person and Ethereum Smart contract. Communication from A to Z!”

NFT collections

In the world of online business for over 15 years. So I have something to say in the form of NFT pictures. The diagram is drawn in pencil. All NFT pictures have their own story, because they are associated with big changes in personal life.
I drew my first picture with my son. For my part, I drew a diagram of changes in life. The son decorated the picture the way he sees a beautiful life! We have already started to prepare the next picture.

Do not copy the content of this page. Create personal change in your life!