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Blockchain ethereum project CryptoHands. Myths or reality

Reality! Temporary unavailability of the Cryptohands website.

The reason is that the hosting was not renewed by the people who created the site. Or a new version 2.0 is being prepared. But! Does it stop you?
What, folded their hands and again went to work for a salary?
Or are you looking for a new blockchain project?


Why didn’t anyone give you the information that without the CryptoHands website, you can earn unlimited Ethereum coins thanks to the smart contract on which all your income is based? CryptoHands is a smart contract wrapper. That is, the site displayed only information taken from the smart contract. So we don’t care if there is a website or not!

You need knowledge on how to read a smart contract! Then earnings will be unlimited and for life. Isn’t that what you dream of?
Those who have experience of cooperation with companies where there is an administration understand that they close sooner or later! Do you need it?

Myth! No one has been working in CryptoHands for a long time

There are two options for people’s opinions.
Option 1. Lack of personal opinion, which means you rely on the opinions of others.
Option 2. There is not enough information that there is unlimited income thanks to the CryptoHands smart contract.
Personal experience. Never listen to other people’s opinions. My vast experience in online projects helped me a lot on the chosen path of stable and constant earnings on the Internet – the CryptoHands smart contract. I don’t want to live from advance to paycheck. 

Blockchain ethereum project CryptoHands. Myth. Smart contract stopped.

Who came up with this? Of course, former partners! Because it was necessary to act a little differently. It was necessary to understand how to read the CryptoHands smart contract without a website.

The partners simply waved their hand, deciding that this was just another online project. Partners have forgotten the very heart of the CryptoHands project – a smart contract. Which means availability at any time, after many years.
Check out the possibilities of unlimited income!

Reality. Upline (inviter) lives in Ukraine

Your upline (inviter), the admin of this site – Ethereum vs Salary lives in Ukraine, where there is a war!!! I do not exclude the risk that sooner or later I will not get in touch. To the sounds of a siren, I write posts and events on the site. Every day I am glad that I woke up in the morning and nothing threatens my life.
Now think about how your opinion depends on mine? You are the master of your life. Bookmark my site. Grab a pen, pencil, paper and draw up your income plan. My example of a business plan for your attention.

Reality. Upline (inviter) does not know English, which is inconvenient to communicate.

And how does this situation prevent you from earning ethereum coins in blockchain ethereum CryptoHands on a smart contract?
The modern world is full of online translators. I had many foreign partners. It was a REDEX project, which was closed by the admins for their own technical reasons.

Blockchain ethereum CryptoHands. Staying in other blockchain or mlm projects is more promising 

Opportunities are where you are! Where you have a clearly defined plan of earnings and actions.
A familiar situation: “Where there is a friend, there I am. In another project, we will earn more money. I’ll pay for the entrance.”
How many times have I been offered new projects! Everything closes sooner or later!
If the CryptoHands smart contract is not a prospect for you to have a regular and unlimited income for life, I wish you success in choosing a path.

Reality. Upline (inviter) works on the ground in a grocery store. So he doesn’t have time for online partners.

My active partners are important to me in any events of my life, regardless of whether I am at work or on a day off.
When partners act on my advice to quickly attract people, my income will increase significantly.
Accordingly, I fully go online to help partners build their structures!

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