Business objections CryptoHands Part 1 Ethereum blockchain
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Business objections CryptoHands. As soon as a decent amount is collected

The new participant must deposit 0.05 Ethereum to the superior (inviting) in the matrix. Next, you need to register an Ethereum wallet and start looking for referrals who will deposit cryptocurrency in the same amount to the account of the participant himself. If it fails to find them, the system will do it on its own. According to the organizers, it is completely risk-free. This is a smart contract, it was programmed in such a way that even the site administration will not be able to delete or block the account.

And the wallet cannot be hacked or changed by anyone, SCAM is impossible. What is impossible there? As soon as a decent amount is collected, it will be appropriated and look for them later, when you are already running. We give an answer to the CryptoHands business objections.

Our answer!
Words from the business objection “The new participant must deposit 0.05 Ethereum to the highest in the matrix. Next, you need to register an Ethereum wallet.”
It is immediately clear that the person has never been in the project.
First step. First you need to open an Ethereum wallet and replenish it with 0.05 ETH.
Second step. Sending this amount to the address of the CryptoHands smart contract indicating the Ethereum wallet of your upline (inviter).


Words from the business objections “start looking for referrals who will deposit the same amount of cryptocurrency to the participant’s account.”
It would be more correct to say that we are not looking for referrals. We are looking for active partners who are willing to act on my Fast Acquisition advice.
There are no personal accounts here! A smart contract distributes money between participants. The CryptoHands website displays participant information taken from the smart contract.

Words from the business objections “as soon as a decent amount is collected, it will be appropriated and look for them later, when you are already running.”
How can you assign something to which there is no access? Certainly! Open access to your Ethereum wallet, to which you set a password and phrase created by you personally, and not by the developers of the CryptoHands smart contract, and transfer the data to a second party.

Business objections CryptoHands. Classic pyramid scheme

They promise a completely risk-free system of high earnings on the Ethereum cryptocurrency (Ethereum), abbreviated as ETH, implemented on the basis of blockchain technology. First, you need to transfer 0.05 ETH to your Upline, that is, to the superior person in the project. The first person to come next will bring them back. All other transfers will be carried out at the expense of already earned funds. That is, payments to the next participants are made at the expense of newly enrolled ones, and this is the classic pyramid scheme, which has already been repeatedly described in various bfgds. Answering the CryptoHands Business Objections!

Our answer!
What other payments? Who and to whom? There are no admins here! A smart contract transfers money from one participant to another directly. Yes, indeed, the CryptoHands smart contract system is risk-free. There can only be one risk. When you didn’t invite your first partner. Therefore, I recommend registering at the same time as your first partner.

Words from the business objection “This is a classic pyramid scheme.”
A person simply leads everyone under the same brush. He is a boring bore who does not understand anything and does not want to dig in order to be provided for. Perhaps a desperate partner who was abandoned in one company or another.

What is a financial pyramid? It is a business model based on the promise of cash payment.
In CryptoHands, no one can promise anything, because the human factor is completely excluded. Therefore, CryptoHands and a financial pyramid are completely different concepts.

Business objections CryptoHands. Left without friends and money

 I came across an interesting article in a telegram, they say you deposit 0.05 Eth, invite friends, and the money starts dripping after the first invited person. Naturally, he became interested and got involved in this business. Friends dissuaded, many did not believe in these schemes, and I had to work hard to find people who could be lured to the same bait. In the end, he was left without friends and money. And everything seemed so simple… Answering the CryptoHands Business Objections!

Our answer! Firstly, money does not drip after the first participant you invited.
Correct words! Money is returned after the first participant invited by you. By inviting more people, you only earn.
Secondly, you do not need to work hard, inviting everyone in a row.
Correct words! We need a target audience for the Ethereum blockchain smart contract.
Thirdly, there are no baits and fishing rods. Such words were invented by people who lost themselves in a particular project due to wrong actions or the sudden closure of their project.

Business objections CryptoHands. No ... Positive from the project participant

I have been a member of this project for almost half a year, during this time I managed to reach the third level and earn almost 3 Ethereum. All funds are withdrawn directly to the wallet automatically without any requests and confirmations. At the same time, he himself no longer has to look for anyone, although at first he invited eight people – they also welded very well as a result. Now new matrix participants are automatically inserted into my cells, and the money is dripping into my account. There is no CryptoHands business objections!

Our answer! Correct actions of the project participant. Only 3 Ethereum for half a year… to be honest, a long time. 9 active partners – unlimited profit. Because with active partners you can repeatedly go through the levels.

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