Business objections CryptoHands Part 2 Ethereum blockchain
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Business objections CryptoHands. Money will flow to the admins

No one seems to be wondering why the organizers of CryptoHands need this activity? Are they sponsors, altruists, Timurovites, ready to make the whole globe happy, to enrich anyone? All earnings will rush to them, and then the project will be closed. Answering the business objections of CryptoHands.

Our protest! To whom can the earned money flow when it is already in your Ethereum wallet immediately after inviting partners. There is no money on the CryptoHands website.
The site displays information taken from the smart contract. CryptoHands smart contract balance is always zero!


Who will get the money when there is no administration here! When the smart contract balance is always zero! When a smart contract redirects money between participants! A smart contract is not a person, which means that it will not lie and hide with money. 

Words from the business objection “Enrich the entire globe?”
This is impossible! Here, not everyone can become rich! Because there is a big gap between “do” and “want”!!! This is very difficult to do, which is what many articles about life changes are about.

Business objections CryptoHands. The money contributed will go to the organizers

You need to deposit a small amount and start actively attracting referrals. The final result can be infinitely large, enough for a new iPhone and a new apartment. A little lower is an amendment in small print, which says that the originally promised ten thousand Ethereum is a theoretical calculation; in fact, about 10 Ethereum can be made. But for this you will have to invite two hundred referrals, and this money will definitely not be enough for an apartment. To be honest, it is very doubtful that this will break off, most likely people will have to be lured for free, and the money contributed will go to the organizers. Answering the business objections of CryptoHands.

Our protest! Yes, this person can only earn 10 ETH. He cannot move on. You know why? Because he invites anyone, just to earn money. It does not have the goal of inviting the right people with whom you can repeat the same actions all the time.

Words from business objections. The amount of 10,000 ETH is the maximum possible theoretical profit, which is almost impossible to get while passing through all the levels, and the probability of getting it tends to 0%. By following my tips on attracting partners, you can earn this amount!
Words from the business objections “The money contributed will go to the organizers.” The answer is above on this page.

Business objections CryptoHands. Ordinary matrix pyramid

Having made the first contribution, the new entrant must without fail look for and bring into the project its next participants, otherwise he will not be able to receive anything. It is possible to invite three people to the first line of the matrix, then overflows to downstream participants begin. In total, the referral program has eight levels. Or the system itself will select referrals who will enter uninvited.

The organizers themselves declare that the project has an MLM structure. The difference is that there are no goods in this project, and cryptocurrency is money. The most common matrix pyramid according to the description, they all flock to the admin, it’s better not to get involved. Answering the business objections of CryptoHands.

Our protest! Firstly! The CryptoHands system is not investment, not MLM, not trading, not ICO.
Secondly! Overflows from upstream members appear when there are active partners in the system.
Third! Referrals without an invitation cannot enter just like that. Because the smart contract will not accept funds without an upline (inviter).

Words from business objections. Who said about the MLM structure? The easiest way is one size fits all, but to lie on the couch yourself and rejoice, they say, I at least earned something by working for my uncle.
MLM is a multimedia project, the organizers of which can stop their activities at any time. I have an article about comparing smart contract and mlm!

CryptoHands is the world’s first oldest blockchain formula based on a smart contract computer algorithm. Since there is no administration here, there is nothing to close, respectively.
The money cannot go to the admin, because the smart contract distributes it among the participants. That is, the earned money is already in your Ethereum wallet.
The CryptoHands project has a REPEAT function that allows you to repeat the earned profit for all time every year. There is no such thing in MLM!

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