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Business objections CryptoHands. The gripping hands of the organizer

The essence of the promised earnings is to look for those who are ready to donate real cryptocurrency in the hope of earning much more. This does not pull on MLM, there are no specific products that need to be distributed. The complete absence of any contacts is annoying – who is the administrator, where to look for him, everything is covered with a veil of secrecy. And when the money evaporates, it is unlikely to get it back. Answering the CryptoHands Business Objections!

Our word! In the sense it is necessary to look for those who are ready to donate? So they say in MLM projects. The CryptoHands project is not an investment, not an mlm, not trading. Right. There are no admins here, because a smart contract is an electronic algorithm. Here you are the master of your earned money. Create a personal income scheme and take action!


Will the money evaporate? They cannot disappear because they are already in your Ethereum wallet thanks to a smart contract.
Yes, sure! Give access to your wallets and the money will evaporate!
Yes, sure! You can choose an MLM project where there is a product, where a smart administration earns money and closes its profitable store. My experience in getting reviews right now!
Yes, sure! You can invest in an investment project where one day you will not be able to log into your account and withdraw funds.
This is exactly what happens in every company or project.

Business objections CryptoHands. No objection! And the positive! Member reached level 4

At first I was skeptical about this company. I don’t want to be deceived. I was not very well versed in cryptocurrencies, to put it mildly. Then the acquaintances who came earlier suggested how to get Ethereum for the first installment. Showed bills. Doubts disappeared. At the moment I’m already up to the fourth level. I have a very significant amount in my cryptocurrency wallet. I’m not going to stop there. I plan to reach the eighth level. The currency from the wallet cannot disappear. The site administration and the creators of the smart contract do not know the password for your ethereum wallet. Not a business objections, but a positive one!

Our word! Well done for understanding the difference between MLM projects with admins and a smart contract without a human factor for admins. Having reached the fourth level, our participant already has a substantial amount in his wallet. The CryptoHands smart contract blockchain project gives you the opportunity to always have a lifetime income.
Correctly said, the currency cannot disappear from your wallet because no one knows your password. Nobody knows the catchphrase to restore your ethereum wallet. Desperate people! Live from advance to paycheck.

Business objections CryptoHands. Legal name. The country and phone numbers are not listed on the site.

The legal name of the organization is missing. There is no information about the country of registration. There are no contacts, no address, no phone number, no email on the site. Only fields for entering your data. Check shows that it was registered in the US on January 2, 2019. The city of San Francisco, California is its IP address. Then to whom should the money be transferred? And how to get them back? Answering the CryptoHands Business Objections!

Our word on business objections! What information about the site owner?
The CryptoHands website is for informational purposes only! It displays information taken from the smart contract!
The CryptoHands site has nothing to do with the financial part that the smart contract contains!
Smart contract is the heart of your earnings! The CryptoHands smart contract is always zero.
To earn Ethereum without a website, learn how to read a smart contract. Or look for that project that can close at any time! Where is the administration, addresses, phone numbers and everything else.

Business objections CryptoHands. Lost my money here

We have a group of friends with similar interests. We collect our farms and mines. We share all the ways to increase money. Not so long ago I came across a site where you can deposit crypto. I invested myself well. Decided to bring friends through an affiliate program. Nobody was paid anything. Friends were very angry with me. Answering CryptoHands Business Objections!

Our word! Deposit? Attachments? Nobody paid? Our negativity speaks of investment.
What does CryptoHands have to do with it, which has nothing to do with investment projects, MLM projects, trading and ICO. CryptoHands runs on a computer algorithm – a smart contract. This means the complete absence of the human factor – admins!

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