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Business objections Ethereum smart contract CryptoHands. My request to failed partners

Some time ago I asked partners in the comments under their videos and stopped working for various reasons.
The question is this: I bought the first level a year ago. After a while, the first partner joined me. I decided to develop a site – Ethereum or Salary – unlimited earnings of Ethereum coins as part of a smart contract without a CryptoHands site. For almost a year I did not invite partners.


Do I need to renew the first level for another year?
I really look forward to your answer, even if you do not work here (I watched the video a year ago). With uv. Natalia.

Answered Мila Li! Hello! I also tried to find partners through the Internet. But the people who made a small (at the time) down payment and received overflows from me never bought the second level and did not appear on the horizon. It’s possible they didn’t even take the overflow money. 

And they don’t know that they have ethereum on their account, which today began to cost not $100, but $1828. There is no point in extending the first level by buying it again if there is no team. In addition, transaction fees for transfers reach up to $40. That is why the projects on ethereum practically stopped. I suggest you try yourself in a new folk project on rubles. I will pay for your entry.

My response to business objections CryptoHands. Good afternoon, Mila! The answer helped me. I just thought that 365 days had passed and the level needed to be updated. You have reassured me. Regarding overflows, you told me your experience, for which many thanks. Now I understand how to keep partners and follow each of them. By the way, smart contract cannot stop work, because it is a computer algorithm. These people have stopped!

Answered by Matvey Manko! Hello, there are not many people working at CryptoHands right now as the fees are high due to the growth of ETH and its value. I didn’t extend the levels and I don’t advise you, it’s not profitable. But this is just my personal opinion.

My response to the business CryptoHands objection. Matthew, thanks for the words! I can not agree that few people here earn money.
Based on the extensive experience of making money on the Internet, I caught the moment that only here you can earn money constantly and no matter, even if two years or more have passed.
As for the commission, I have my own concept, which I described here. I realized that it is necessary to extend the level when there are active partners.

I had other business objections to the answer to Matvey, but I did not specify them. I realized that Matvey was moving from one project to another. Eh, if you chase two hares, you won’t catch one.

Business objections CryptoHands. No money. Low salary

Whatever the price of entry, it is important to note the possibilities of unlimited income. What are the advantages over projects where there is an administration? Where does risk-free lifetime income come from?
If only the price of entry is important, then you do not belong here.
The entry price does not matter if:
– I saw the prospects for stable profits
– took a pen and paper, made his income plan

My personal experience! Usually the price of entry, even if it is less, for example, 10 dollars, is said by people living on a salary. For them, $5 is a lot. Believe me, such a contingent is not partners, because without a goal in life and a clear plan of action.
There is a big gap between the desire to want and the performance of certain actions, regardless of the working day or weekend.

When I was offered to watch a video about earning Ethereum as part of this blockchain project, I understood the main aspects (10 reasons): there are no risks, there is no talk of closing personal accounts, there are no admins, because. a smart contract works, where the human factor is excluded. Realize the meaning. Of course, if you are looking for opportunities for big money, and not working for a salary and lying on the couch thinking “I’m tired.”

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