Content plan. Working days - an incentive to create a plan
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Content plan. We develop a plan for potential partners during working days.

Working day at the grocery store. There is no time to sit back and complain about life. When we have a few minutes of free time at work, we prepare texts for our potential partners – our content plan. Let the notes on your smartphone save thoughts. During the working day, I add words to my texts. At home, after work, I transfer notes to the computer. I opened a Word document. I create an article for a website or a post. Then I add images to my text.


Every day, step by step, I take action to fulfill the dream of living beautifully! I have a lot of experience and I know the clear steps. What to write about? Let my events become the impetus for your texts. Write down the working moments from which you are very tired.

Content plan. Preparing posts on social networks as preparation for the holiday

The content plan for filling social networks must be unique. Web pages should not be filled with simple photos, statuses. I give you information with meaning and understanding. Thoughts came during the working day. Preparation for the current holiday includes menu planning, food shopping, food preparation and serving. We prepare social media posts in the same way.

Drawing up a menu – topics for different moments of life, namely the current moments, wherever you work. I create each phrase, proposal for a future post, which my content plan includes, when I am very busy. For example, I cook a salad, set the table, and do the cleaning.
With every action, thoughts swirl like this all my life, holiday, home work … no, no, no. Many people’s working days end with relaxing on the couch, a delicious dinner and a glass of beer.

Buying food for the table is the choice of keywords for posts. Buying potatoes – selection of a keyword for the current post. Buying a cake is the key question at the end of the current post.

I also fill the content plan with information about the countries where our target audience is located.
My trip to the store with thoughts: I need to save money … no, no, no, I’m tired of saving … I will live beautifully, make unique posts on social networks, upload to the site, and share with users.

I have time. It is not true when they say that there is no time. Getting ready for the holiday! We form topics with keywords and sentences. 

Serving food one at a time! Distribution of selling posts in the social network according to the schedule. We do not clog the page with monotonous posts of 3-5 pieces per day. One or two big posts a week.

Total: the holiday is over, the guests are happy. Spent a lot. Now, as they say, teeth on the shelf or survival to pay or advance. In addition, you are constantly investing in your holiday. Do you agree?

By posting unique posts on social networks – your content plan, you constantly have worthy partners. Moreover, you invest once, and you have a lifetime profit, because a smart contract works – the world of digital technologies!

Surely the mood has improved, you can calmly fall asleep, think about it. STOP!!! Now grab a pen, notepad, or open notes on your smartphone and quickly start jotting down your thoughts. If you tell yourself that you need to think, the time for change will not come. Forget the words – then and tomorrow!

Content plan. Working day in the store at Christmas.

Today is Christmas! My customers congratulate me on the holiday. They say thank you when paying for the purchase of goods. My answer: “and you are in a good mood.” The cheerful mood of the buyer is important to me, because only calmness helps to focus on thoughts during the working day.

Free minutes, moments of life, dear to me! I quickly took my smartphone and started creating a social media action planning table – my content plan. Changes should be exactly during the working days.

She filled the freezer with ice cream, sat down to rest, and opened her smartphone.  I have determined the best hour for social media posts in the countries where the target audience is located.  Filled refrigerators with beer, came up with the theme of the site page – Christmas at work January 7, 2020

Vegetables laid out on the shelves in the trading floor! She sat down to rest. I continue to fill the content plan. This is your time. Changes must occur on business days. How often do you tell yourself that you have a job, or your pay is delayed, or you are tired of working 2 shifts, you need to look for a part-time job for the weekend … go on.

Dear potential partners! Posts should be about every minute of your actions. Such uniqueness will bring many partners. Any objections

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