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CryptoHands how to invite active partners. My practice

Clear concrete steps of personal action will lead to the answer – how to get rich quick. Everyone is obliged to provide for his own life. Do not look for reasons like: I have a family, no time, constantly at work, I have no time to do this, already retired. These are excuses. Indeed, when to change life? When old, weak, no health. Life is to blame, of course! Not me!

How to invite? Create a content plan. Where to get themes? The events of the working day and weekend are a valuable source. My articles – life changes, a hard Sunday at work – let them be the impetus for your start. Life stories, minutes during working days, moments of revision in the store are the next items in the content plan that I am developing. Throughout each working day, I open a notebook in my smartphone and fix a thought. The weekend has come. I transfer notes to a computer and finalize SEO moments.


IMPORTANT! When registering, replenishing the ethereum wallet, create screenshots, record video or audio to show your potential partner clear actions. Do not immediately offer a direct link for registration! Partners are looking for you as their mentor.
Provide a referral link after the “I will earn ethereum with you” statement. Organize your page, channel and fill with information. Then start moving forward. Do not rush to quit your main job on the ground. Wait until the additional income is many times higher than wages. Hello beautiful world!

CryptoHands how to invite friends and acquaintances? Does it need to be done?

Your first thoughts will be the search for partners among acquaintances. Every person wants to be financially independent. However, remember!  There is a big gap between “I want to be rich” and “I want to do something every day”.  Think many times, is it worth linking your desire to change your life with people without a goal?  Online experience has shown that among my environment there are no right people.  Only whiners with the words “what can you do, they say, such a life.” 

I have extensive experience in online business and clearly understand how to invite partners. We don’t need everything. 1000 dating and more will exceed your expectations. The surrounding people are constantly dissatisfied with life, because they live from an advance payment to a salary. There are many customers in my store.

They are strangers. Their monotonous way of life – home, family, work, pension and the words “what can you do, they say life is like that.” Let such a contingent live its own life, and we will find those who are looking for us!

There is such a fact!  The information is useful, interesting, but not today… People think later and continue to get paid.  Such a contingent did not set goals!  They didn’t take pen and paper to draw up their plan.  Do you need such people? Life goals will help to overcome the entire thorny path.  Remember, our children deserve life!  

Crypto Hands how to invite partners in free ways. Need to waste time?

Methods of invitations of a free nature, as practice has shown, work. However, from active actions they get tired and relax. A relative, a friend, a list of acquaintances are the old ways of inviting. We don’t need each of them separately. Everyone wants to be rich! But Doing and Wanting are different ways. 

How to invite for free? My experience of finding partners shows the following factor.  In fact, due to the fact that numerous partners do not have the opportunity to find people on the Internet, they start looking from among friends and buddies.

Previously, I invited people in a row, not understanding what needs to be selected already at the start. Maybe? But what if? There was hope until time put everything in its place. We are in the field of cryptocurrency, so you need to look for people here. Prepare your own concept. Is your friend or acquaintance saving bitcoins, mining cryptocurrency or trading on the stock exchange? So act.

Be sure to find out the business objections and our answers!

CryptoHands how to invite partners without knowing English?

Personally, I do not know what does not stop. Messengers have built-in translators. Believe me, I don’t even have basic knowledge. When I was actively involved in the bitcoin earning project, a potential foreign partner was added as a friend. He started chatting on social media in English: “I want to earn bitcoins with you. What should I do? I have been familiar with cryptocurrencies for a long time. Help me register.”

How to invite? For my part, I communicated with him through an interpreter, both voice and written. My foreign partner Mikel successfully registered. It is very important when a potential partner knows the world of cryptocurrencies well!

CryptoHands how invite target audience

Our target audience is people who want to earn Ethereum without any objections like “the project will be closed”, “the admins will clean everything up”, “the account will be blocked”. People who are looking for opportunities to earn a lot, not reasons to get away from responsibility for their lives and receive a lifetime salary. Partners who heard my advice to speed up the process of attracting people.

I will list the active countries of prosperity of the blockchain cryptocurrency: Malta, Switzerland, Estonia, Japan, China, Singapore, Denmark, South Korea, USA.

Partners are looking for us! Exchanges, mining, cryptocurrency faucets and blockchain projects with admins, investment projects – this is not the money that awaits you in the Ethereum blockchain – CryptoHands smart contract!

For example, a popular target query is how to earn Ethereum? Of course, this is our audience. According to online statistics, Google and Yandex found out in which countries Ethereum earnings are flourishing. Accordingly, in social networks, on the forums of these countries, we find our target audience!

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