CryptoHands Partner online / My first and second partner
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Help your partner online open the first level. Open two personal ethereum wallets in one metamask wallet.
The first main wallet will be personal. The second wallet for potential partners. Keep the reserve in the amount of 0.05 ETH on the second wallet. I offer two options for your assistance to partners online!

СryptoHands Smart contract. Partner online. Option 1. Application of the exchanger online

First step! Exchange your fiat money through an online exchanger for a partner’s ethereum wallet.Perform actions online through any messenger.
Second step! You send 0.055 ЕТН to the partner’s wallet (approximately 0.005 commission). The partner online receives the transfer!

Third step! Now the partner sends 0.05 ETH to the CryptoHands smart contract address. Before submitting, check if he has a field available – hex data to indicate the upline (inviter) – when he clicks the submit button.
If this field does not exist, it must be added!
Go to your Metamask wallet settings. The next tab is Advanced. Next we go down.
Found the section – Show hex data! And turn on the button! Without an upline (inviter), the smart contract will not accept funds!

Conclusion! Returned invested one-time 0.05 ETN and found a partner. Helping other partner online, your funds are constantly returned, and the structure grows accordingly.

Personal experience 2016! I have been working with an partner online for a long time. We visited different projects. Everywhere there is an administration that can close the site at any time. And that means the money earned will go into the unknown.
The previous bitcoin project REDEX has shut down. A lot of our earned money was left to the admins. We have concluded! Ignore projects where the administration is present.


After some time, we got acquainted with CryptoHands, a blockchain based on a smart contract. The human factor – administrators – is excluded here. Here is the concept of unlimited opportunities to have a lifetime income.

I replenish my bank card for the required amount equivalent to 0.055 ETН (0.005 including commission). I connect the Skype program, you can, teamviewer or any other.
I opened an online exchanger – a currency exchange for ethereum.
In the item “ethereum wallet” I specify the partner’s wallet. After 5 minutes, the partner receives them

Now my partner online sends 0.05 ЕТН to the address of the CryptoHands smart contract, indicating the address of the upline (inviter), that is, my address, in the hex data section. The smart contract instantly delivers them to my wallet.
I have my first partners online. I got my investment back. Everything is simple, easy and understandable.

СryptoHands Smart contract. Partner online. Option 2. Sending directly to the partner's ethereum wallet

Fund your second Ethereum wallet with 0.05 etn.
First step! Online send 0.05 ETH to your partner to their Ethereum wallet. He gets coins.
Second step! Partner online clicks “Submit”. The hex data field points to your Ethereum wallet. Get your transfer instantly.

Conclusion! Found a partner here and now. Returned the reserve money to a personal second Ethereum wallet.

Personal experience of inviting a second partner online! From my wallet metamask, I sent 0.055 ETH to the second partner, including a fee of 0.005 ETH to their Ethereum wallet. He received them within a minute.
Now the partner sends 0.05 ETH to the CryptoHands smart contract, specifying my ethereum wallet as their upline (inviter) in the heh data field. A minute later, the smart contract returns you 0.05 ETH.

Now go to the site page – Clarifying question. Where can I see what the first eighth level has opened? Where are my first three partners represented?

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