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CryptoHands Registration Blockchain Ethereum

The registration event in CryptoHands is the sending of ethereum coins in the amount of 0.05 ETH to the address of the CryptoHands smart contract, indicating the upline (inviter) in the hexadecimal data field. Excel document contains registration data!


The smart contract will not accept funds if you don’t put your inviter in the field – hex data!
If this field does not exist, it must be added! Go to your Metamask wallet settings.
The next tab is Advanced. Next we go down. Found the section – Show hex data! And turn on the button!

Before registering in the CryptoHands smart contract, install the MetaMask extension in the Google browser.
The Ethereum metamask wallet includes:
– public key. This is the official wallet number from which you are sending 0.05 ETH.
– the private key (a 12-word phrase) is like your password. The key is used when restoring the wallet.
If you lose the 12 word phrase, you will never enter the wallet!!! Since this is a blockchain, it is impossible to change it to another one!!!

A nuance when replenishing the metamask of the wallet!
If there is a certain amount of money on the balance of the exchange office or trading exchange, then withdraw money first to the Ethereum wallet. In other words, any earnings on the network must first be withdrawn to the Ethereum wallet !!!

Click Confirm. Coins have been sent. We go to the etherscan website. In the top right corner, enter your Ethereum wallet. Check the delivery status. Successful registration and fast accession of active partners!!!

CryptoHands Registration Blockchain Ethereum. Commission transferring

I am looking at Crypto Hands Registration blockchain transactions. Potential partners indicate a maximum commission of $2. Are you going to become an active participant? You must understand that a trade with a small commission will take several days. It is during this period that you can already earn $ 1,000. Information about this is on the site page – Business plan.

When I upgraded my first level status, I chose the $4.18 commission. The coins were in transit for 30 seconds.
When my partner signed up, he transferred $11.71.

What does the money spent on the commission when sending Ethereum coins mean to you? Did you come to earn money or save money, as you usually do in the store?

People come here to make money fast! You can connect three partners in a day.
While your transactions are in transit, your partners will go to the upstream partner.

You do not lose money on a difference of 10-15 dollars! You are wasting time!
By indicating a low commission, I assume that you do not understand how a smart contract works on a blockchain? Or can the corresponding reasons hold back?
Don’t have a personal handwritten plan to attract people? Look at the example in the photo and make your own scheme.

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