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Earn Ethereum. Cryptocurrency mining

For ordinary people, mining is a waste of time. Today, pools are the main business of miners, because they understand that the coolest video card will bring a penny profit. Those who own a lot of money can invest in pools and make excellent returns. It’s time for a new system when you need to prove ownership of the mined tokens. It is important to have your own farm, which requires a lot of investment. Not everyone can find funds for mining.

It also takes hard work to find many companies willing to pay a little to visit their pages. Do you need an unguaranteed income in this area? Good luck to those who want to earn Ethereum here.
The mining platform called Hashflare is familiar to many. I personally visited here. Cryptocurrency faucets brought me 0.001 bitcoin and 0.0001 ethereum. The resulting coins were invested in mining. A long period of expectations amounted to a profit of 5% of the invested amount. Small investment – long-term profit.


July 20, 2018: Service suspended. Why? It has become very difficult to mine cryptocurrency. Old equipment cannot recoup electricity costs. At first, cloud mining stopped being profitable because the coins on the lane were used to pay for hosting services. The platform’s earnings are negative, forcing them to shut down completely. Friends! Mining is sluggish and unprofitable. There is no way to earn Ethereum here. My experience of online earnings on the Internet to your attention!

Earn Ethereum. Satoshi faucets

This method is a little interesting, because coins can be collected by playing cryptocurrency games. Sad moment! Cryptocurrency faucet pages disappear for various reasons. The Internet is filled with new pages for collecting cryptocurrency coins.
Our advertisement is here! In social networks, on forums, it is necessary to disseminate information about the appearance of the next cryptocurrency faucet. Active referrals bring more profit. Risky! There is no stability.

Instant withdrawal on some cryptocurrency faucets is great. But they can be closed for various reasons. In an excel spreadsheet, I had websites of different cryptocurrency faucets. The profit is small, and it takes a long time to visit all the Satoshi collectors.
It is also difficult to incentivize people to earn Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in such an unsustainable way.

 Useless platform for earning ethereum. Getting cryptocurrency for free is possible, but tedious. To earn Ethereum a large amount, you need to look elsewhere. 

ICO cryptocurrency. How to earn Ethereum here

A fresh method of financing ICO marketing, thanks to which young cryptocurrencies appear – tokens that are bought with the hope of making huge profits. Minus. The startup will close at any moment, the tokens will lose their value. Interesting investment formula. Our advertising: you need to share information on social networks, make promotional videos, put likes and comments. In other words, with our efforts, we attract the appropriate audience, investors, to this commercial project. For the work done, you will receive a small commission in tokens equivalent to one or another cryptocurrency. 

Free distribution of coins within the framework of the Icodrops, Ico Bounty program for completing specific tasks. It seems to be an interesting mission, stimulating to earn money. Please note that the payout specified in the task from 5 to 30 dollars is not instant and uneven. Why? We complete the task and wait for the end of the ico program in order to receive the earned coins to the ethereum wallet you specified in advance. The exsel table was filled with various ICO Bounty, Airdrop. I have been waiting for a long time for the coins to be credited to my own ethereum wallet. There are always some obstacles on the way!

Conclusion. Social networks are blocked for spam, because she often gave away information ICO, crypto, drops of any kind. The way to earn ethereum in these projects of happiness is useless. This is tantamount to making money on a private trader, where we are waiting for promises …

My suggestion is how to earn ethereum

Based on 15 years of experience in online earnings and the money market, I chose the path – earning Ethereum within the CryptoHands blockchain. The project was developed on a smart contract, which means that there is no human factor in management. Forget the concepts of mlm: blocking accounts, closing the system at any time. Here is the answer to how to earn Ethereum unlimited. Almost every page on my site includes personal experience online and on the ground. These actions are very important for you, my potential partners. Get started right now!!! 

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