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Ethereum blockchain CryptoHands smart contract

Based on your online life path for more than 15 years, any online project can be closed one day. Either this or that project is put on technical work. What do participants in such projects usually do! They just give up, look for a new project, someone is waiting for the launch, and someone returns to work again for a salary.

Our CryptoHands site is no exception! Since my registration, it has closed and opened several times. But this did not bother me, because I learned only 5 sections of the smart contract in order to constantly earn Ethereum money without restrictions.
Therefore, my task is to teach you how to use these sections of the smart contract so that you become millionaires. Watch my series! Smart contract. Man’s friend!


Ethereum blockchain Smart contract. 10 Reasons How to become millionaire

Reason 1. Smart contract Ethereum blockchain excludes administrators because it is a computer algorithm.
Reason 2. This is not an investment project. This is not trading! This is not a network business. This is not an airdrop or ICO bounty.
Reason 3. Personal account (if there is a site) excludes passwords, logins. It records only system information taken from a smart contract – the structure of the participant and his income.

Reason 4. Smart contract Ethereum blockchain does not store funds, but transfers them between the wallets of participants.
Reason 5. Cryptocurrency is an international payment method launched in 2008. Ethereum is the second coin in terms of capitalization, payback after bitcoin.

Reason 6. Own investments just once per Level 1 purchase. This is 0.05 ethereum coins that return after the first participant. And then you buy this or that level from the earned funds.

Reason 7. Smart contract Ethereum blockchain enables each participant to earn 8857 ethereum coins by passing all eight levels by active participants. This is a smart contract without the CryptoHands website. And you will become a millionaire if you take a pen, paper, open a smart contract, write down the main 5 sections and invite 3 active partners – heroes!

Reason 8. Smart contract Ethereum blockchain includes a REPEAT function. In simple words. This is an annual repetition of profits. And here’s another moment to become a millionaire.

Reason 9. Smart contract Ethereum blockchain guarantees its obligations because it is a computer algorithm. No one can make changes to the system, since the smart contract is already loaded into the Ethereum network.

Reason 10. Smart contract Ethereum blockchain encourages participants without the CryptoHands site. Therefore, a Smart contract exists as long as a cryptocurrency exists, and a cryptocurrency exists as long as the Internet exists.

My viewer! To your attention serial “Ordinary Person and Ethereum Smart contract. Communication from A to Z!”

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