Еthereum blockchain СryptoHands Overview
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Ethereum blockchain CryptoHands Review

The CryptoHands Ethereum blockchain is the world’s first risk-free multilingual project built by people for people. Who are they? Millionaires who understand the need to create something useful, good, constantly increasing profits over the years. Important points must be present: you can not delete and block the accounts of participants. 

Their understanding of what is useful to people completely coincides with my desires that have arisen over a long period – an online life path for more than 15 years.

We noticed that the balance of the CryptoHands smart contract is always zero. The smart contract does not store funds. He transfers them from one participant to another.


Ethereum blockchain CryptoHands

March 2023! The CryptoHands site is under development version 2.0. It is not always possible to log in with your Ethereum wallet.
If the CryptoHands site is not available! Let’s act like this!

We know that the Ethereum CryptoHands blockchain is just a shell of a smart contract! The site displays only information about the project participants, taken from the CryptoHands smart contract.

So you can continue to earn Ethereum without a website.
It doesn’t matter if the CryptoHands website is running or not!
It is important to learn how to read the 5 sections of the CryptoHands smart contract.

Ethereum blockchain CryptoHands. 10 reasons to stay here once and for all

Reason 1. There are no administrators because the mathematical algorithm works – smart contract (the power of decentralization of the future)
Reason 2. The Ethereum CryptoHands blockchain is not an investment project, not a trading, not a sale, and not an ICO.
Reason 3. A personal account (if there is a website) excludes passwords and logins. It records only system information taken from the smart contract — the structure of the participant and his income.

Reason 4. Funds cannot be stolen because they are in your ethereum wallet. Of course, no one is stopping you from opening access to scammers.
Reason 5. Cryptocurrency is an international payment method (launched in 2008). Ethereum is the second coin in terms of capitalization, payback after bitcoin.
Reason 6. Own investments in cryptocurrency – 0.05 ETH, which are returned after the first referral. Most importantly, every lost referral multiplies the income of the upline partner.

Reason 7. Earnings on the ethereum blockchain, thanks to the passage of all levels by active participants, is more than 10,000 ethereum coins. Here’s how to become a rich person.
Reason 8. The REPEAT function means annual profit repeat.
Reason 9. Project Guarantees! No one can block your account, stop payments or make changes to the system as the smart contract is uploaded to the main Ethereum network. It cannot be changed or deleted.

My online experience is a great knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies. For the first time in the history of mankind, a 100% guarantee of the project of unlimited earnings of Ethereum coins is given.
Reason 10. Referrals can be invited without a website and referral links, but directly into a smart contract. Therefore, the System exists as long as the cryptocurrency exists, and the cryptocurrency exists as long as the Internet exists.

Ethereum blockchain CryptoHands. Priority Questions and Answers

Are there any risks here?
The period between your registration and the search for the first participant is an intermediate risk. You have made a transfer to your upline (inviter). However, the first participant has not yet received his 0.05 ETH back, because he did not invite the first partner.
No time to waste! Find out how to quickly attract people to the Ethereum blockchain CryptoHands.

Can the CryptoHands site close?
Yes! The site may be closed at any time.
BUT! The site is a shell of the CryptoHands smart contract. Accordingly, we can earn ethereum coins without a website. The main thing is to learn how to read a smart contract.
The account on the site excludes logins and passwords. The account displays information taken from the smart contract. Accordingly, when closing the site, you can follow the development of the account in the section – read the smart contract.

Where is the earned Ethereum money?
The Ethereum blockchain CryptoHands website does not store funds! The money is already in your ethereum wallet because the smart contract redirects it between the wallets of the participants.
Of course, we are used to seeing a full-fledged site with a personal account, where we deposit our money, earn money and withdraw it by making a request to the admin panel. As a result, events unfold in a deplorable plan. The site of the project you have chosen will close at any time. The proceeds will go to the administration. My experience in a bitcoin earning company – Redex!

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