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100 Ethereum coins in 8 weeks! Smart contract Unlimited possibilities

To understand the strategy of earning 100 coins in 8 weeks (or one month), it is important to understand the essence of the CryptoHands smart contract! Based on many years of experience in income on the Internet, any site can be closed one fine day. A smart contract functions for life, because it is a computer algorithm.

There is no money on the CryptoHands site. Because the site is informational. And all financial issues are contained in the smart contract! The task of the smart contract is not to store money, but to redirect it between the wallets of my participants.

A smart contract has been created for you, my friend, so that you build the future with your own hands!
No administrators! No need to worry about finding a job! No bosses!
Only you, smart contract, paper, pen and your own earnings scheme! Be the master of your life!

Nothing prevents us from opening the doors of fast income – 100 Ethereum in 8 weeks!
My goal! So that you, my viewer, constantly earn ethereums without risks, stops and restrictions.
The main fact of the strategy is that every week (day) MANDATORY 3 registrations of partners! Many people know the film “Around the World in 80 Days”. Our case “Ahead of all in 56 days”. In 8 weeks (1 month) each person can earn if he acts as planned.


100 Ethereum coin in 8 weeks! Let's run through the numbers!

The way to earn up to 100 Ethereum coin in 8 weeks is easier than you think. It is enough for each active participant to complete their first level in a week. And that’s just 3 people for 0.05 ETH. It’s very simple.

You can register in one day. No kidding! If you couldn’t check in 3 people a week, honestly you didn’t try.  Important clarification! Three beginners are registered subject to the same strategy – three registrations per week. And also reach the goal of 100 Ethereum in 8 weeks.

Week 0! Zero level. You register by spending only 0.05 Ethereum once.
First week! You have three people registered. You have 0.15 Ethereum in your wallet. And you buy yourself a second level. This is the responsibility of each participant.

Second week! Three of your beginners do the same result. There are 9 people on the second line.
Third week! The second line fills its first line with three people. Only 27 people!
And after that the second line buys its second level from you.

My viewer! To your attention serial “Ordinary Person and Ethereum Smart contract. Communication from A to Z!”

Fourth week! Your third line completes its first level.
Fifth week! Your fourth line completes its first level.
Sixth week! The third line buys the third level from you for 12.15 ether. You buy yourself a 4th level.

Seventh week! Doesn’t bring results.
Eighth week! Your 4th line of 81 people buys their 4th level from you. Your wallet profit is 109.35 ETH.

So! Moving on a simple system – 3 people per week (day), you can earn 100 ethereum coins in 8 weeks (4 weeks)!
Achieve the goal – how to become rich by spending a short time?
Or do you want to work for a salary all your life?

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