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On the Ethereum history page, my viewer will learn about my personally interesting acquaintance with the coin. Why is it profitable to earn Ethereum than Bitcoin?

The man speaks! Ethereum doesn’t interest me. I do not want to earn money, because I am satisfied with the standard salary. Invest a precious portion of my hard-earned money? I need it!
Ethereum answers! I’ll try to explain, my friend! Life is given by parents so that you live, not exist. Living paycheck to paycheck is boring, pointless, and a waste of precious time. What hard seconds in the store when you need to save money and find an opportunity to buy cheaper. And so every day. I’m sure you don’t want to live like this!

Ethereum History. Personal acquaintance

When I was collecting Satoshi from cryptocurrency faucets, I already encountered the Ethereum coin, as well as with many other cryptocurrencies. In parallel, I considered different areas of earning cryptocurrency. This is AirDrop (social media reward programs). Mining both cloud and browser!

2016! I was offered to take part in a project to earn a large amount of Ethereum as part of the CryptoHands smart contract. But! Bitcoin is considered the star of cryptocurrencies! I did not respond to the offer, because I had already started taking part in the bitcoin earning project – REDEX. The project has been running for over a year. The day was sad when the REDEX partners realized that the project was closed and there was no technical work. All income remained on the personal accounts of admins!


To say that it was desperation, I will not say. It was an experience. Made a conclusion! Need a stable income on the Internet! I then remembered the proposal to earn Ethereum on a smart contract as part of the CryptoHands project. I figured out the smart contract code in detail and realized that the income here is unlimited, regular and for life. I completely forgot about bitcoins and projects with admins. I am very glad that the Ethereum history of the blockchain project on a smart contract turned out to be at the right time! No wonder my online experience is so great!

Ethereum History. Decentralized applications

The world of cryptocurrencies is developing at a rapid pace, the emergence of which has an impact not only on the banking sector, but also on the international economy. Cryptocurrency is the core of the base block, inaccessible to government regulatory structures. Participants in this line of business influence the development of the coin. And believe me, there are quite a few of them.

The Ethereum cryptocurrency platform with an open primary code in blockchain technology helps performers organize and form decentralized applications – STATUS and the Metamask wallet.
The Ethereum cryptocurrency platform uses smart contracts – applications without the risks and intervention of any persons, organizations, which means 100% safe storage of funds.

Ethereum History. Who is the Creator?

Ethereum history begins with the creator. His name is Vitalik Buterin. At the age of 19, he got the idea for a platform for which he received a huge prize of $100,000. To develop further, Buterin leaves the information university and begins to actively promote his idea. To modernize the platform, Buterin led the Ethereum experimental group, which attracted many developers to build core technologies and personal applications on the blockchain surface.

2013! The founder of Ethereum sets a goal to fully equip the blockchain with a programming language that can be used to develop smart contracts (smart contracts).
January 2014! Buterin announced his project at the Bitcoin conference in Miami. Approved to Vitalik’s surprise. The non-profit organization Ethereum Foundation, which was funded by the ICO, began to continue developing the project. The first ether token was launched.

2015! The start of the Olympic platform – testing the Ethereum blockchain.
2016! An anonymous organization DAO is created to raise funds for the development of the project. Having made a mistake on the part of the creators of the platform, the attackers steal a third of the collected amount – $ 50 million. The ETH/USD rate is falling and falling.

2017! Ethereum price chart up 1000%
January 2018! $1400 is the highest price since the beginning of the history of the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Associated with the spread of smart contracts, beneficial in all respects. No flaws.
2019 – 2020! Ethereum price chart 530 – 1080 dollars
October 2021! course 3550 – 4800 dollars

2022! The pricing policy amounted to more than 3700 dollars. In early January, the price dropped to $3000. Then the meeting of the US reserve system decided to raise interest rates and reduce the balance sheet of the Central Bank of the country by 8.3 trillion dollars.
Three months later, the price of Ethereum rose to $3800. In early August, its value was $1680.

My viewer! To your attention serial “Ordinary Person and Ethereum Smart contract. Communication from A to Z!”

2023! At the end of April, the price of Ethereum was $1920. The cryptocurrency market is constantly falling and rising. In order not to lose your investment, do this. Open once your place in the smart contract of the CryptoHands blockchain system. Recommend to your friends the risk-free prospects of unlimited Ethereum coins. Become a millionaire and forget!

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