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Ethereum Smart contract CryptoHands. Blockchain closed. Nothing to do. Myth and Reality

The blockchain system CryptoHands was put into technical work in connection with the launch of version 2.0. Folded their hands and went to work for a salary? Or are you looking for a new blockchain project? Why didn’t anyone give you the information that, without the CryptoHands website, you can earn unlimited Ethereum coins thanks to the smart contract on which all your income is based!

CryptoHands is a smart contract wrapper. That is, the site displayed only information taken from the smart contract. You need knowledge on how to read a smart contract! Then earnings will be unlimited and for life. Isn’t that what you dream of?
Those who have experience of cooperation with companies where there is an administration understand that they close sooner or later! You need it?


Ethereum Smart contract CryptoHands. Nobody has been working for a long time. Myth and Reality

There are two options for people’s opinions.
Option 1. Lack of personal opinion, which means you rely on the opinions of others.
Option 2. There is not enough information that there is unlimited income thanks to the smart contract. Moreover, the CryptoHands website is not needed!

Personal experience. Never listened to other people’s opinions. My vast experience in online projects helped me a lot on the chosen path of a permanent income on the Internet – the CryptoHands smart contract without a website. Money today and now!

My viewer! To your attention serial “Ordinary Person and Ethereum Smart contract. Communication from A to Z!”

Ethereum Smart contract has been stopped. MYTH!

Let’s see who stopped! CryptoHands site or smart contract on which the site was created?
First of all, 75590 members of the CryptoHands site stopped!
Because there is no site, they are used to seeing information about their partners.
Therefore, they are used to stepping from one project to another with the thought that this is just another online project.

ATTENTION! The same 75590 people are participants in the smart contract owned by this CryptoHands website! Partners have forgotten the very heart of the CryptoHands blockchain system – a smart contract. Which means availability at any time, after many years.
It was necessary to understand only 5 information sections of the smart contract and continue to earn unlimited Ethereums without a website. To do this, you need to take a pen and paper and draw up a profit plan. But it’s hard!!! It is easier to see ready-made actions on the site than to write the same actions yourself and continue to earn Ethereum coins endlessly!

Ethereum Smart contract CryptoHands. It is more promising to stay in other projects. Myth and reality

My viewer! If the CryptoHands smart contract is not a prospect for you to have a regular and unlimited income for life, I wish you success in choosing a path. I have a lot of online experience. How many times have I been offered new projects! Everything closes sooner or later! It’s easier to understand a smart contract once than to constantly run from one project to another, from one salary to another salary!

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