Etherscan Ethereum Blockchain Crypto Hands Transactions
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Etherscan Ethereum blockchain CryptoHands. Let's analyze the essence of a smart contract transaction

Etherscan Ethereum blockchain is an important service for ongoing Ethereum transactions, one might say, the heart of your making money on the CryptoHands smart contract.
The etherscan blockchain notebook will show the transactions of any participant in the CryptoHands smart contract. How many ethereum coins were sent? To what blockchain address? Duration of the transaction in transit. Status delivered or pending. 

Etherscan Ethereum blockchain CryptoHands displays the balance of each entered ethereum wallet. Be sure to note that when opening a smart contract address, the balance is always zero. A smart contract transfers ethereum coins from one participant to another participant. Click on any transaction to view the details!


Transaction hash! Contains 66 characteristic characters. For each transaction, the hash is always different.
Status: delivered (sucess) or waiting (pending)!
Block: number of the block in which the transaction is recorded
Timestamp: The duration of the transaction is usually from 15 seconds to several days, depending on the specified commission when sending ethereum coins.

If you specify a low gas fee when sending Ethereum coins, the waiting status will be several days.
When a high or medium commission is specified, the status Delivered is displayed.
Personally from myself. Anyone who came to earn on the Etherscan Ethereum blockchain CryptoHands smart contract will not bother with a commission. Because with a long deal, the participant simply loses his partners.

From: What ethereum wallet are the coins sent from.
To: Shows that 0.05 ETH has been sent to the CryptoHands smart contract address indicating the ethereum wallet of the upline (inviter)
Value: Amount to send payment
Transaction Fee: Commission specified by the sender when sending coins

Gas Price: The cost of a unit of gas (commission) indicated in gwei
Ether Price: The Etherscan blockchain shows the Ethereum exchange rate at the time of sending to the CryptoHands smart contract
Gas Limit & Usage by Txn: gas commission limit
Gas Fees: maximum and minimum commission in gway
Burnt & Txn Savings Fees: maximum and minimum commission in dollars

Click to see more.
Entry field! Here, the ethereum of the upstream wallet (inviter) is indicated when sending coins to a smart contract.
Without an upline (inviter), the smart contract will not accept funds!
If this field does not exist, it must be added!
Go to your Metamask wallet settings.  The next tab is Advanced.  Next we go down.
Found the section – Show hex data!  And turn on the button!

Etherscan Ethereum Blockchain CryptoHands. Transactions

The transactions section will show us current and recent transactions.
To see absolutely all transactions of the project, click on the numbers.
Since the start of the project, 119,687 transactions have been carried out on etherscan ethereum.

Only active partners will continue transactions and earn unlimited Ethereum. Certainly!
if they themselves create a profit-making scheme;
if my pages – read smart contract and how to invite quickly partners to a smart contract without the CryptoHands website – bookmarked.

The “Contract” section displays the CryptoHands smart contract code. We don’t need to parse anything here. Just scroll down to lines 115-122 for entry fees for all levels. Open the page, read the smart contract, which details the profit.

We don’t need the Write Contract section!
The Events section shows the details of delivered transactions in blocks. We do not need this information!

The Analytics section shows us the activity of members from April 20, 2019 to August 21, 2022. Many participants stopped earning here for various reasons. I talked about this in the article – the myths and reality of CryptoHands.

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