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Etherscan Ethereum. Importance CryptoHands Smart Contract Address

Etherscan Ethereum shows the smart contract address of the CryptoHands website.
It displays the participants’ current transactions, the contract code, and most importantly, how to use it when the CryptoHands site has closed unexpectedly.
Thanks to the smart contract, participants can earn constantly, because the site is informational in nature. The smart contract functions for life and without restrictions.


You don’t have to parse all the smart contract information. You only need 2 sections! Current transactions and contract. Add the address of the CryptoHands website smart contract to your bookmarks to constantly earn a lot of Ethereum coins without risks and restrictions.

Smart contract is the stability of making money online. My experience on the Internet is rich. People are accustomed to the fact that in front of them is one or another site with income information. They register, invite partners. And then one fine day the site is gone.

The money remained with the administration of the site. Remember the REDEX Bitcoin project. Promising prospects. A year later, the project closed. All money remained of course in the hands of the organizers. 

ETH BALANCE is 0. Do you know why? Because the smart contract transfers ethereum coins from one participant to another participant.

Etherscan Ethereum. Section of current operations

Since the launch of the CryptoHands site, which has been opened and closed many times, 119687 transactions have been carried out in the smart contract. Despite the technical work of the site at any time, some participants continue to earn ethereum using a smart contract. What can be seen in current transactions. Also visit the site page – Myths and Reality of CryptoHands!

They took pen and paper and created their own profit plan based on the contract code. The matter is simple. Scroll through the code to paragraph 115-122. We see 8 levels in the code.

Entrance to the first level from personal funds – 0.05 ETH.
Entrance to the second level from the earned funds of the first level – 0.15 ETH.
Entrance to the third level from the earned funds of the second level – 0.45 ETH.
Entrance to the fourth level from the earned funds of the third level – 1.35 ETH.

Entrance to the fifth level from the earned funds of the fourth level – 4.05 ETH.
Entrance to the sixth level from the earned funds of the fifth level – 4.05 ETH.
Entrance to the seventh level from the earned funds of the sixth level – 36.45 ETH.
Entrance to the eighth level from the earned funds of the seventh level – 109.35 ETH.

How many participants should be at one level or another, what income for closing the level will be shown to us by the smart contract section – read contract, where only 5 information points are needed!

Etherscan Ethereum. Transaction details

Transaction hash! Contains 66 characteristic characters. For each transaction, the hash is always different.
Status: delivered (sucess) or waiting (pending)!
Block: number of the block in which the transaction is recorded
Timestamp: The duration of the transaction is usually from 15 seconds to several days, depending on the specified commission when sending ethereum coins.

If you specify a low gas fee when sending Ethereum coins, the waiting status will be several days. When a high or medium commission is specified, the status Delivered is displayed. Personally from myself. Anyone who came to earn on the Etherscan Ethereum smart contract will not bother with a commission. Because with a long deal, the participant simply loses his partners.

From: What ethereum wallet are the coins sent from.
To: Shows that 0.05 ETH has been sent to the smart contract address indicating the ethereum wallet of the upline (inviter)
Value: Amount to send payment
Transaction Fee: Commission specified by the sender when sending coins

Gas Price: The cost of a unit of gas (commission) indicated in gwei
Ether Price: The Etherscan blockchain shows the Ethereum exchange rate at the time of sending to the CryptoHands smart contract
Gas Limit & Usage by Txn: gas commission limit
Gas Fees: maximum and minimum commission in gway
Burnt & Txn Savings Fees: maximum and minimum commission in dollars

My viewer! To your attention serial “Ordinary Person and Ethereum Smart contract. Communication from A to Z!”

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