Experience online over 15 years. Believe in dream. Part 1
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Who has never made a mistake has never tried something new!

Experience online. Believe in the dream! Live with meaning!

In order for life to pass meaningfully, one must create, be wiser, achieve the fulfillment of desires. My experience online on the Internet is more than 15 years. How to believe in yourself to start changing your life? The answer is rather modest. Our children trust us. We are obliged to provide them with excellent living conditions, not existence. Parents often say that they live for their children. However, what exactly does each family do for their future?


When my son was born (2006), I said to myself: when the child grows up, we will go abroad and buy a house. He will not waste time on the employer. To plow a significant number of years, giving the state certain deductions, no! Every day, when he fell asleep in his bed, I sat down at the computer and began to read information on how to make money on the Internet. 

2007 – 2008 I started my career in network marketing at NSP (healthy lifestyle). The entry fee for the business was only $1. I started figuring out how to invite people. Only one partner per month! I made mistakes. I will correct it! The profit from the sale of goods was $5. Conclusion: I still order products for a healthy lifestyle. In business, you need experience in inviting people. Keep learning about my experience online. Did someone recognize themselves in my first experience?

Experience online. Rewriting and Copywriting

year 2009. Since I had a higher education, I went to work as a local loan officer. When the day off came, I spent it with meaning for my future. I started debriefing about freelancing. Received the first dollar earned from the sale of a personal article on advego.

The organizer of the article, who lives in Russia, offered him a job. For a whole year, in her free time, she provided services for writing texts for banking websites. Monthly received from 1000 UAH. It is interesting to write unique articles. I supplemented the texts with verses, which charmed the customer, he paid extra.
My dear and wonderful visitors to the page! The extra income is great. Minus – constantly at the computer, often a headache and back. Continuing my experience online. To your attention my events!

Experience online. Information business

2011. Advised to become an information business development assistant. An opportunity to learn something new, useful for my future. I promised myself to live beautifully and travel, so you need to get a lot of knowledge. Would you like to clarify why I personally did not take an online business training course? Poor life and a small salary did not allow investing in knowledge. The pricing policy at the start is $200 per month.

She posted her freelancing experience online on social networks. After some time, I received an offer – to earn and study. The rate was 1000 UAH/month. I had to work in my spare time. I agree, because new knowledge is needed. During this period, I worked in a bank as a loan officer. Accordingly, the time has come for additional earnings on the Internet. What was my activity in this area of earnings? I was provided with ready-made posts for posting on social networks. I was required to overlay their logo on them in Photoshop. 

What was my activity in this area of earnings? I was provided with ready-made posts for posting on social networks. I was required to overlay their logo on them in Photoshop. In parallel, I shot short videos for their YouTube channel. In the process of work, I found out the importance of keywords in the article and how to work correctly in social networks. 

2012. My employer stopped doing the information business. I returned to the art of freelancing again. The income was small. Again Changes and Actions. A fun online experience is a constant action, regardless of this or that life situation. 

Experience online. Pareto's 80/20 law

80% of the world’s population are trying to exist measuredly from advance payment to salary. The desire to open up hides the far black corner.
20% of the world’s population is looking for opportunities to become rich and successful. They take steps to pass on the knowledge and the legacy of financial independence to their children and grandchildren. What is your daily rhythm?

 The experience online continues. Knowledge of the world of cryptocurrencies and the coming wind of change that brings stability for life. 

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