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Who has never made a mistake has never tried something new!

Experience online. Believe in the dream! Live with meaning!

In order for life to pass meaningful, one must create, be wiser, achieve the fulfillment of desires. My online web experience is over 15 years. How to believe in yourself to start changing your life? The answer is rather modest. Our children trust us. We are obliged to provide them with excellent living conditions, not existence.
Experience online 2007 – 2008. Started a career in the network business NSP (healthy lifestyle). Only one partner online per month! The profit from the sale of goods was $5. MLM business needs experience in inviting people.

Experience online. Rewriting and Copywriting

2009 -2010. Since I had a higher education, I went to work as a local loan officer. When the day off came, I spent it with meaning in my future. I started debriefing about freelancing. Received the first dollar earned from the sale of a personal article on Аdvego. The organizer of the article offered me a job.

For a whole year she provided services for writing texts for banking websites. I got paid for every article. It is interesting to write unique articles. Extra income is a great experience online. The downside is that constantly at the computer, my head and back, often hurt.
The conclusion is this! I need to work on the ground. Then continue freelancing.


Experience online. Information business

2011. Posted her freelancing experience on social networks. After some time, I received an offer to earn extra money in the field of information business. This is an opportunity to learn something new, useful for my future. In the course of work, I found out the importance of keywords in the article and how to work correctly in social networks. I promised myself to live beautifully and travel, so you need to get a lot of knowledge experience online. Would you like to clarify why I personally did not take an online business training course? Poor life and a small salary did not allow investing in knowledge.

2012. My employer stopped doing the information business. I returned to the art of freelancing again. The income was small. Again Changes and Actions. A fun online experience is a constant action, regardless of this or that life situation.

Experience online. Hello, unknown to me cryptocurrency

I started by collecting Satoshi bitcoins on cryptocurrency faucets. Then he invested them in mining. Profits are small! We develop furher! I started by collecting Satoshi bitcoins on cryptocurrency faucets. Then he invested them in mining. Profits are small! We develop further.

Exchange trading in currencies and cryptocurrencies EXMO. I found a partner under which I registered on the exchange. She gave details. Having invested coins, I actively trade until today. However, with a small investment, a small income. Digging deeper, my life experience online on the internet!

2016. I feel that the desired million can be earned in the field of cryptocurrencies. I signed up with REDEX bitcoin earning company. I made a personal website inviting people, which really hooked them. Accordingly, I began to have partners. Cryptocurrency income began to grow. I decided that there are millions here! But!!!

The technical work of REDEX led to its complete closure. Access to the personal account of the site is disabled. The funds have not been returned. The teams dispersed. This is exactly what happens in every project. Thanks to the admins of this project for being in my life. Thanks to them, my experience online has become richer! Live and learn! A new breath has opened in search of a worthy cause that will NEVER collapse.

Experience online. What online business to open?

I know for sure, to find a stable online business that will never close. I don’t want to get paid for my knowledge online as a freelancer! All day writing articles for someone who owns a business? No! I can change my life! I will have my own business! I search and dig deeper! Experience online income is constantly growing! I will have a personal site that is not subject to change. Because this project will not include administration, and the money earned will already be in my cryptocurrency wallet. Who wants to understand how the money market works, I have a page on the site.

2019. Got a job as a cashier in a grocery store. Life purpose heats up every minute, like when the boss yells, an angry customer, a crazy shopping day when… Over the next few months, I experienced a hunger for information. How and where to apply experience online? During working hours, I began to create my stories, which are posted on this site.

My work schedule is 4 days in a row from 6 am to 24.00. Within a month, day after day, I made many changes living abroad. Any action event is a part of my working day. Of course, the hour will come, and I will become a legend for my beloved clients. I will return to the Internet knowing how to become a rich person.

Experience online. Found a way to unlimited income online

2020! I found something that will never close and the account will not be blocked. There are no administrators. There are no private offices. Entrance only through a cryptocurrency wallet. Here you can become a millionaire! And my audience! This is not a network business. This is not trading. This is not an investment. This is for the AirDrop program.

Meet the immutable Ethereum smart contract owned by the blockchain project CryptoHands. What does the following mean! Even if the CryptoHands site closes or is under maintenance, all participants continue to earn endless Ethereum coins. Do you know why? Because it is the smart contract that makes transfers between the participants of this system. Each of them sends funds from their Ethereum wallet to the smart contract address. We do not touch the site in any way. After opening one or another level, participants see the actions taken on the site. That is, information taken from a smart contract. We don’t really need a website.

Experience online. Period 2020-2022! The CryptoHands site has opened and closed many times. But this does not prevent each participant in the system from earning an unlimited number of Ethereum coins, because an immutable smart contract works!

P.S. complaining about life, I act. Constantly, daily, every free minute. After my shift, I came home. I took another hour and a half to write a new event on my personal website. Yes, it’s hard! Of course, it’s easy to sit on the couch after work, relax, supposedly tired, blame everyone in a row, discuss who earns how much, who lives, how. This is how a typical weekend goes for people! Go to the cottage or relax in nature. In general, somewhere just to relax from the hard working days. Man, on the other side of the screen of life. You work 2-3 shifts in a row. Who do you blame? Work in one place and start changing your life, of course, if you hear me!

My viewer! To your attention serial “Ordinary Person and Ethereum Smart contract. Communication from A to Z!”

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