Happiness is not money. Why do others have it, I don't
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Happiness is not in money? Let's figure it out

My buyer does not agree with me. He enters the store and says: “I have a family budget plan, I want to know the daily expense, so I constantly collect receipts, look through a month later, I understand that I have not received anything extra, only the most necessary.”  Happiness is not in money?

Personal opinion! The next purchase is an analysis of part of the salary. The woman rejects the idea of ​​finding a highly profitable business that brings a lifetime of profit. Of course, you think such a business does not exist. Believe me, whoever seeks will always find.

My life journey on the Internet led me to create this article topic. Happiness is not in money, but in their quantity! For some, happiness is family, children, career! However, the family must be fed normally, and not survive. To ensure a good future for children so that they do not work for their uncle. Tell me now that happiness is not money! To fulfill the desire to change life, you need to act every day. 


You want to know why I’m turning down the idea of offering my business? I answer. Thrifty people are not the target audience. Tell the people who live for wages, the possibility of unlimited earnings, criticism will come back immeasurably. Salary is stability. Such people will find a reason to refuse, for example, an irregular working day, home repairs, let’s go tomorrow or there is no faith.

Before, I wanted to tell everyone. I was not heard. I constantly analyze the mistakes of my actions, or rather, gain experience. I know that we are not needed by people who want to live on a salary! For them, happiness is not money, but the stability of receiving wages.

Before I opened my business on the Internet, I set a goal: to go my own way by trial and error. Environment, circumstances, and conversations do not interest me. Action Words help me in my difficult way! After a long time, I got good knowledge for making money on the Internet.

The amount of money matters a lot! To assert that happiness is not money is not my credo. To miss the joy of being happy, healthy, interesting people who have seen the world. NO! The world of digital technologies will help us to own a lot of money. Understand and see the opportunity – how to become a millionaire! People say that happiness is not money. Your opinion …

Happiness is not money. Why do others have a lot of money and I don't?

We sit beautifully, talk, discuss, saying that people have money, they visit restaurants, they enjoy the Maldives. Of course, the answer is without a doubt “they have connections”. Well done, they know how to get through. Respect. And we will be poor, proud, and work with the desire to “retire soon.” For us, happiness is not in money. Right!

Why is it easy to discuss this or that person, turning your own development into a “don’t touch me” corner. Do you want, like old people, to click seeds and collect gossip. Is that how you want to live? Do you think that our parents and relatives are poor, that’s why I will be like that? Certainly! Be like that. After all, happiness is not money, but self-affirmation and pride.

With such thoughts, forget the happiness of becoming rich! Who uses large amounts of money does not mean that they are provided with connections. People become rich when they have goals and desires to change their lives for the bette

ТоMy beautiful ones! 21st century – the world of digital technologies – smart contract – the opportunity to get a lot of money! You say there is no time to understand? Of course I agree with you. It is better to exist all your life for a salary! Yes, of course, happiness is not money, but in the stability of life.

Who has done or is doing what to change life in the period of modern technologies, thanks to which big money is quickly earned and the stability of receiving a lifetime income is maintained. You cannot start living from the beginning, but you can continue in a different way.

Before opening a business on the Internet, I set a goal: to go my own way through trial and error, forgetting about other people’s opinions and life circumstances. Made enough mistakes! Now I’m starting to make real big finance. Details in the CryptoHands review section!

Happiness is not in money? Leave the page, sit down to watch TV, who is rich, who is poor, what happened today, etc.

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