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Happiness money. Salary and Digital money

My customer walks into the store and says: “I have a family budget plan, I want to know the daily expenses. So I collect checks and review them every month. I understand that they don’t buy anything superfluous, only the most necessary. Happiness money, he says! But with a small salary, of course, economical expenses.

Personal opinion! The next purchase is an analysis of parts of the salary. The woman rejects the idea of finding a high-yield business that offers lifetime profits. Of course, you think that such a business does not exist. In my 15 years of experience! On the threshold of digital money, I have found the path of unlimited income! Happiness is not in money, but in their quantity! For some, happiness is family, children, work! However, the family must be fed normally, and not survive. To provide children with a good future so that they do not work for their uncle. To fulfill the desire to change life, you need to act every day.

Want to know why I refuse to offer my business to a buyer? I will answer you, a guest of my site, a potential partner! Thrifty people are not the target audience. Salary for them is stability. They will always find a reason, for example, an irregular working day, home repairs, or think about it, or tomorrow. Before, I wanted to tell everyone. I was not heard. I constantly analyze the mistakes of my actions, or rather, gain experience. I know that we are not needed by people who want to live on a salary! For them, happiness is money when you receive a salary. There are phrases that help me on my hard way! 


The amount of money matters a lot! Happiness Money. To miss the joy of being happy, healthy, interesting people who have seen the world. NO! The world of digital technologies smart contract Ethereum will help us own big money. Here is the opportunity to become a millionaire!

Happiness money. Why do others have a lot of money and I don't?

We sit beautifully on a bench, talk, discuss, they say, people have money, they go to restaurants! Of course, the answer is without a doubt “they have connections”. And we will be poor, proud, working for a salary with the desire to “retire as soon as possible.”
Why is it easy to discuss this or that person, turning your own development into a “don’t touch me” corner. You want, like old people, to click seeds and collect gossip. Is that how you want to live? Do you think that our parents and relatives are poor, so I will be like this?

With such thoughts, forget about the happiness of getting rich! Who uses a lot of money does not mean that they are provided with connections. People become rich when they have goals and desires to change their lives for the better. Yes! Happiness money! But how often do you ask yourself where to earn a lot of money so that you have enough for all the joys in life?

My wonderful site visitors, potential partners! 21 centuries! The world of digital technologies – Ethereum smart contract! Are you saying you don’t have time to understand? With such an opinion, continue to exist, my viewer, from advance payment to salary! For you, happiness is not in money, but in the stability of a second-hand life!
Who has done or is doing what to change lives in the period of modern technologies, thanks to which big money is quickly earned and the stability of receiving a lifetime income is maintained?

My viewer! To your attention serial “Ordinary Person and Ethereum Smart contract. Communication from A to Z!”

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