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Every person wants to live beautifully. Not all people are able to fulfill their dreams. Wishing and Doing are different ways! Money market instruments. We analyze the types of earnings and draw a conclusion where to earn stably, safely and regularly!

Money market. MLM business

Thanks to the network business, which turned out to be my life path of making money on the Internet! It was difficult to answer the standard questions. For example, “How much do you earn per month?” Based on experience with many mlm companies, it is difficult to give an answer, especially for beginners. I wonder who is asking this question? A contingent working for wages?

In general, additional income – MLM money market – is good.  But it is even better when you act in this area planned. Another minus is this. To earn, you need to buy a product. And do it monthly. I have no desire to return to MLM, because the next company or project can be closed by admins at any time. Managed to earn or did not have time, no one cares. It is rightly said that founders earn money in MLM. Imagine when you reach the desired rank, and the admins shut down the project for their own reasons!


Money market mlm. Yes, you can earn, sweat, if you have time! After all, energy and forces sometimes put “spokes in the wheels.” One day you will say to yourself: “Burn with a blue flame, I’d rather work for a stable salary.”

Money market. Work for a private trader

Of course, working for an uncle, you won’t earn much. The self-affirmation “at least I will earn something” is stronger than the desire to change my life. Just do not tell me about the reasons or problems that prevent you from achieving your cherished dream.
Knowing my events, you will understand that you need to change the life precisely during the period of working days for your uncle. It is the time you spend with your uncle that is your time for change!

Today I am writing an article – the money market is making a choice, the idea of ​​which came on a working day, receiving a salary. I look at her, I understand, taking into account the experience online, how to earn a lot of money so that there is enough for all the goodies in life.

My schedule is three days after three, sometimes I work for 4 days. I agree, a tight schedule from 7.00 to 22.00. Much does not suit. Looking for another job is pointless. The money market – working for my uncle – suits me, because while I’m working, I’m making my website. The most important thing is to fight for your goal every day. Every morning tell yourself a lot of useful things for yourself. It was working days that helped me create articles about events for the site.

Money market. Work for the State

We understand its instability. You won’t be able to earn much here. The status of unemployed or dismissed under a particular article can be obtained at any time. However, like the work of a private trader.

According to the scheme of life below, we will not know the answer to the question “how to make money”.
Kindergarten, school – no money, no money;
Institute – no money, a small scholarship, I earn, but not enough;
Work – no money, I earn, but the car, mortgage, family, housing and communal services, as a result – loss of health;
Pension – no money, I get a small pension. And when to earn in order to live with dignity? Boring money market.

Forget about risky defenseless mlm, private traders and the state!!!

Money market. Blockchain Bitcoin - the world of digital money

Many blockchain projects have been opened, where the product is a blockchain wallet. But! One fine day the system will collapse because it was created by the admins. I have been building a team for almost two years. Strong founders, support webinars, profit making. Sad moment! Constant technical work has done its job. My bitcoin earnings remained with the admins.

Conclusion: we need a project where there is no sending your money to the personal account of the site and ordering earned funds from admins. Taking risks waiting for manna from heaven… no! Stop despairing, partner. It would seem that this is a big money blockchain business, but… not everything is so simple with online experience. It is useful to learn how to distribute working days and weekends. Take your time to relax and drink beer on the couch. Maldives, Bali, waiting for you! Open spaces of the Internet, tell me how to earn a lot of money without risk and for life?

The plot – the money market continues! So we are looking for something that will never close, accounts cannot be blocked, there are no administrators, the structure will not fall apart. The unknown should bring a lifetime income!!! Who is not interested at all, close the page, go to the sofa to watch a movie series. For me, life is short to spend it on the couch, work, plow and receive a meager pension!

Money market. Blockchain Ethereum on a smart contract. Choice without choice CryptoHands

I dug deeper and found it! Earning Ethereum cryptocurrency on a smart contract as part of the CryptoHands blockchain project. It is here that the human factor is completely excluded.
And this means that there is no blocking! People wrote the CryptoHands smart contract once and for all.

Many people don’t know how to make a lot of money with Ethereum smart contract. For them, it’s a curtain! I say right away, forget the concept of network business.
Before you is the beauty of mathematics of all time – the decentralization of cryptocurrencies of the present, future time.
Money market – Ethereum smart contract – profitable for life. Who understands the meaning of money in life, he will begin to act!
Be sure to learn action words because they can prevent you from making good money.

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