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Partner online! Trading exchanges, mining and collecting cryptocurrencies, projects with admins, mlm business, investment projects – this is not the money that awaits you in the smart contract of the CryptoHands site code. Here is the regular unlimited income that you yourself provide if you take a pen and paper and familiarize yourself with the five sections of the smart contract code.

Partner online. Smart contract earn Ethereum. 2 ways to help members

Help partners open the first level. Open two ethereum wallets in one ethereum wallet. The first main wallet will be personal. The second wallet for potential partners. Keep a reserve of 0.05 ETH on a second wallet. I offer two options for your assistance to partners.

Option 1. Using an online exchanger!
First step! Exchange your fiat money through an online exchanger for a partner’s ethereum wallet. Perform actions online through any messenger. The partner receives a starting amount of 0.055 Ethereum, including commission!
Second step! First, the partner checks if the field is available for him – hex data for specifying the upline (inviter). Find out how to enable this field in your wallet here.
Now your partner sends only 0.05 ETH to the smart contract address indicating the appline (inviter).

Option 2. Sending directly to the partner’s Ethereum wallet!
Fund your second Ethereum wallet with 0.055 ETH including fees.
First step! Online send funds to your partner to their Ethereum wallet. He gets coins.
Second step! Partner clicks “Submit”. The hexadecimal data field points to your Ethereum wallet. Smart contract delivers you 0.05 ETH.


Conclusion, partner online! In both options, you returned a one-time investment of 0.05 ETH and found partners. Your funds are constantly returned, and the structure of active partners grows accordingly.

Partner online. Smart contract earn Ethereum. Friends and acquaintances

Your first thoughts will be the search for partners among friends. There is a big gap between “I wish” and “I do”.
The events in my life and the people I met were not just in my path. Thanks to them, I concluded that among my environment there are no necessary people. Only whiners with the words “what can you do, they say, such a life.”

We don’t need all the friends and acquaintances. 1000 dating and more will exceed your expectations. Surrounding people are constantly dissatisfied with life, because they live from an advance payment to a salary. There are many customers in my former store. They are strangers. Their monotonous way of life lies in the fact that they have a house, a family, a job, and then a pension and the words “what can you do, they say life is like that.”

Let such a contingent live its own life! And my viewer and I will delight each other with serious changes in life. Because we figured out the essence of the smart contract address and now we will earn Ethereums unlimitedly and regularly!

Methods of invitations of a free nature, as practice has shown, work. However, they are tedious and time consuming. In fact, due to the fact that numerous partners do not have the opportunity to find people on the Internet, they start looking from among friends and buddies.
Partner online! Is your friend or acquaintance saving bitcoins, mining cryptocurrency or trading on the stock exchange? Act absolutely free!

My viewer! To your attention serial “Ordinary Person and Ethereum Smart contract. Communication from A to Z!”

Partner online. Smart contract earn Ethereum. Target audience

Our target audience is people who are looking for opportunities to earn a lot on the Internet. People who are not looking for reasons like I have a family, no time, constantly at work, I have no time to do this, I’m already retired or I’ll think about it. These are excuses. Indeed, when to change life? When old, weak, no health. Life is to blame, of course! But not me!
They simply walk away from responsibility for their lives and continue to receive a lifetime salary.

Partner online! Our target audience is located in the countries of prosperity of the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Clear concrete steps of personal action will lead to the answer – how to get rich quick. Everyone has a responsibility to provide for their own lives.

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