Salary online! Over 15 years of online experience. Part 2
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I don’t believe in good and bad days. There are days when I have learned little and days when I have learned a lot!

Salary online. Hello, unknown to me cryptocurrency

year 2014. Harder and more interesting. Here we will look for opportunities to earn big money unlimited and for life!
Of course, I started by collecting bitcoin satoshi. Then I put them into mining. Profits are small! We develop further. Trading currencies and cryptocurrencies is a fairly popular additional source of funding. This is not an online paycheck.

Exchange trading in currencies and cryptocurrencies EXMO. I found a partner under which I registered on the exchange. She gave details. Having invested coins, I actively trade until today. However, with a small investment, a small income. Digging deeper, my life experience! There is something on the Internet that allows ordinary people to be financially independent for life. Salary online! We are looking further.


2016! I feel that the desired million can be earned in the field of cryptocurrencies. I signed up with the REDEX bitcoin earning company.
I made a personal site for inviting people, which they were very hooked on. Accordingly, I began to have partners. Cryptocurrency income began to grow. But!!!

The technical work of the REDEX blockchain project led to its complete closure. A moment of sadness. Access to the personal account of the site is disabled. Funds will not be returned. The teams dispersed. Fun, really! This is exactly what happens in every project.
Thanks to the admins of this project for being in my life. Thanks to them, my life experience has become richer! Live and learn! A new breath opens in search of a worthy cause that will NEVER collapse. I believe that payroll online in large quantities can be found!

Salary online. Knowledge and experience where to implement?

I know for sure, to find a stable online business that will never close. So there is no plan B. There is nothing to do on the Internet today (2019).
Get paid online for my knowledge on the Internet? All day writing articles for someone who owns a business? No!!! I can change my life! I search, I dig, but back, where there is poverty… no!

I know one! I will have a site that cannot be changed even when a project is closed. Because there will be no administration in this project, and the money earned will already be in my cryptocurrency wallet.
If You want to understand how the money market works, I have a page on the site.

Salary online. New job - cashier-seller on earth

2019. Got a job as a cashier in a grocery store. Purpose in life heats up every minute, like when a boss yells, an angry customer, a crazy shopping day when… For the next few months, I experienced a hunger for information. How and where to apply knowledge? Silence in response. Salary online, which is measured by big money, I will find you! I decided to create small stories. She opened notes on her smartphone or in an online Word document, where she formed life articles. At home, I finalized articles on SEO promotion. All my stories are on the website in the menu section.

My work schedule is 4 days in a row from 6 am to 24.00. During the month I made a lot of changes. I act from day to day to sail the islands, to live in my own home abroad. Free minutes of rest came, I opened the phone, I wrote about the next event. In the evening, more precisely, at midnight, on a 30-minute walk, a new post is born about what I did today for the whole working day. Any action is part of my workdays.

Of course, the hour will come, and I will become a legend for my beloved clients. I will return to the Internet knowing how to become a rich person.

Spring 2020! I found something that will never close and the account will not be blocked. There are no administrators. Here you can become a millionaire! Meet the CryptoHands Ethereum project, whose source of income is an immutable smart contract!
What does the following mean! Even if the site closes, we will continue to earn Ethereum. We open the section – we read the smart contract and create our own earnings scheme. Because the site is just a shell of a smart contract, that is, a display of information taken from a smart contract. I found you! Online salary in lifetime income!

Remember! Above, I said that my personal site was about attracting partners to the Redex project! However, the redex bitcoin earning project was closed forever. Accordingly, my personal site has nothing more to do on the Internet.
Now nothing will be closed, because we are starting to earn an unlimited amount of money on a computer algorithm – a smart contract.

While part of the population lives from Saturday to Saturday, from advance payment to salary, complaining about life, I act. Constantly, daily, every free minute. After the shift, I come home and for another hour and a half I take the next step on my personal website. Yes, it’s hard! Of course, it’s easy to sit on the couch after work, relax, supposedly tired, blame everyone in a row, discuss who earns how much, who lives how.

A standard weekend for people goes like this: go to the country or relax in nature. In general, somewhere just to relax from hard working days. Man on the other side of the screen of life. You work 2-3 shifts in a row. Who do you blame? Work in one place and start changing your life, of course, if you hear me!!!

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