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Smart contract Ethereum CryptoHands

Smart contract Ethereum is an innovative boon for people. The world of this cryptocurrency makes it possible to regularly receive unlimited income on the network. Smart contracts (computer algorithms) are used in many areas of activity. We will focus on large recurring incomes within a smart contract owned by the CryptoHands website. Here, all transfers between participants are made through the metamask wallet to the smart contract address, so we don’t need a website.

You need to open the smart contract address of the CryptoHands website and go to the section – read the contract. Of the 10 sections, you will only need 5 to create a personal income table. These are sections 7, 9, 3, 4 and 10.
Moment! The balance of the smart contract is 0 because it redirects funds between participants’ wallets!


Smart contract Ethereum. 5 facts

First fact! This is not multimedia marketing. This is not an ICO. And an airdrop or bounty program to attract people. This is not trading. This is not an investment.
Second fact! This is a smart contract of the CryptoHands blockchain project, which is uploaded to the Ethereum cryptocurrency network. Accordingly, it cannot be modified or removed by anyone, including its creators.

Watch the video about five facts!

Third fact! CryptoHands is the world’s first risk-free multilingual project created by people for people. Who are they? Millionaires who understand the need to create something useful, good, constantly increasing profits over the years.
Fourth fact! That very moment! Where no one can stop the system, even if the site is closed. Recall the following! In the network business there is an administration that can close the project any day!
Fifth fact! This is the same CryptoHands blockchain system that does not belong to anyone and works independently of the site.

When I found out about CryptoHands, the site was online. Given my personal experience of participating in blockchain projects, I understood that the site could be closed at any time. Therefore, I transferred the information to this personal site – Ethereum vs Salary.  That day has come and the site is closed!

For a while I was looking for an answer to the question “How to earn Ethereum coins without a CryptoHands site?” Found people who suggested how to do it! The main thing is to learn how to read some points of the smart contract in order to earn an unlimited number of Ethereum coins.

Smart contract Ethereum CryptoHands or MLM

Smart contract Ethereum cannot disappear or start working according to a different algorithm. Fraud is impossible thanks to the immutable smart contract. Here, nothing can be stopped, changed, deleted, when the administration does everything in other projects. The CryptoHands site only displays transactions and member structures. He has no personal accounts. Interaction between people takes place thanks to a smart contract, so the structures of participants do not fall apart.

Network marketing with administration is familiar to everyone. Who was there, he understands that projects are closed at any moment, taking away the money earned. Here the structures of people are destroyed. My case of sadness in 2016 in the bitcoin project REDEX with administrators and organizers!
MLM tools include transfer to a personal account; investment in the site (platform); attracting partners, making a profit, ordering its payment from admins, and sudden complete closure. The pockets of the administration have replenished to glory.

Smart contract Ethereum or Deposit

Making a deposit at the bank. You sign the relevant document, which is at the disposal of the bank’s management. Under the terms of the agreement, the bank is obliged to pay the deposit or interest on it on a certain date. Apply and wait, especially if the amount is impressive.

Bypassing the bank, you yourself send your deposit to the Ethereum wallet. The growth of cryptocurrency affects the percentage of profit. The risk is only during the fall of the coin. But after all, a coin can fall in price and rise again.
By participating in the smart contract Ethereum of CryptoHands, you do not risk it at all, because here you are your own boss. Find out 10 reasons to earn Ethereum without limits.

Third parties do not have access to your Ethereum wallet data. You do not need to order a withdrawal. Through the exchangers in 5 minutes they removed as much as needed.
There is also a certain point! The bank may close a branch in your city or close it altogether. He may also lower interest for one reason or another. Do you like being so stable? Forward. Close the page!

Smart contract Ethereum. Take care of your wallet! My experience!

For more than a year, I did not participate in the CryptoHands project, because I wanted to figure out how to invite people to a smart contract when the site is closed or during maintenance. I have a question. Do I need to update the first level status? I wrote an appeal in the etherscan comments to the address of the CryptoHands smart contract. One person named Nicole replied to Whatsapp.

He confirmed that the level needed to be updated, as he had not invited anyone for over a year. A couple of days later, Nicole writes that the smart contract shows the presence of the amount in my wallet in the amount of 0.1 ethereum. To receive them, you must fill out a Google form and send it to the administrator. I ask him, what else is an admin, when the human factor is excluded here – admin!

Then he writes that there is no need to update the status.Get 0.1 ethereum, which is in the smart contract ethereum of your wallet. Nicole gave me an email where the Google form is located. I open. Here is the moment of truth. In one of the fields to fill out, it was required to indicate a catchphrase of 12 words! Fraudsters can act in different ways. Your rule is one! The phrase is never passed on to anyone!

I personally encountered another scammer! It is said that you have accumulated a large amount of Ethereum coins in browser mining. They ask you to confirm the withdrawal of money by indicating your Ethereum wallet. There doesn’t seem to be any trick. They don’t ask for my wallet. Okay, I listed my wallet. Then they redirect to another page and say that go to the wallet settings, find and enable the Ethereum exit point. Here is the moment of truth! You understand me, I hope! Your friend, Natalie!

My viewer! To your attention serial “Ordinary Person and Ethereum Smart contract. Communication from A to Z!”

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