Smart contract Ethereum CryptoHands! Big digital money here!
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Smart contract Ethereum CryptoHands. Why do I need it?

Like former members of CryptoHands, I thought why should I participate here when there is no one left. However, my practice of earning money in other projects suggested that I needed to stop here and raise the project again.
Because the main reason for stable income here is the core of the smart contract, which works regardless of whether there is a CryptoHands website on the Internet or not.
The CryptoHands smart contract ethereum excludes the human factor of administration, which means that nothing can be closed or blocked.


Smart contract Ethereum CryptoHands. The world's oldest blockchain formula

It is said that the CryptoHands smart contract Ethereum is out of fashion today. Many have forgotten the phrase – the world’s oldest blockchain formula.
This means that it is impossible to block or delete an account here, since there is no human factor – administration. And this means unlimited profit for all years even without the CryptoHands website!

When I found out about CryptoHands, the site was online. Given my personal experience of participating in blockchain projects, I understood that the site could be closed at any time. Therefore, I transferred the information to this personal site – Ethereum vs Salary.  That day has come and the site is closed!

For a while I was looking for an answer to the question “How to earn Ethereum coins without a CryptoHands site?” Found people who suggested how to do it! The main thing is to learn how to read some points of the smart contract in order to earn an unlimited number of Ethereum coins.

Smart contract Ethereum CryptoHands. Never give anyone access to your Ethereum wallet! My experience!

My experience. Some time later, the CryptoHands smart contract began to display transactions. Nobody worked here for almost two years. I began to actively promote, getting the result in the form of current transactions.
However, I couldn’t figure out if I need to update the first level status?
I wrote an appeal in the etherscan comments of the CryptoHands smart contract ethereum address. One person replied on whatsapp. 

He confirmed that the level needs to be updated, since he has not invited anyone for more than a year. I didn’t have the financial means to upgrade. He didn’t answer. A few days later, Nicole writes that the purse contains the amount of 0.1 ethn. To get them, you need to fill out a formula and send it to an administrator who understands the smart contract.

Open the form. Here is the moment of truth. It was required to specify a catchphrase of 12 words!!! Fraudsters can act in different ways. Your rule is one! The phrase is never passed on to anyone!!!

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