Smart contract or Standard MLM / Making a choice
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Smart contract. Choice without choice

A smart contract is a computer method. It is formed from specific rules, the execution of which leads to a previously known result, and information about completed contracts is recorded in a distributed ledger. Requirements are fixed in a special program area.
Smart contracts are used in many fields of activity. We will focus on the Ethereum CryptoHands blockchain project, where we will use it for unlimited earnings.

I explain to ordinary people! The CryptoHands smartcontract directly redirects funds between people’s wallets without the participation of third parties!
The smart contract became popular thanks to the ethereum cryptocurrency (2013). The project is of great importance because a computer algorithm works, excluding the human factor – administrators.
Accordingly, it is impossible to block an account or delete it.


Smart contract СryptoHands or Standard mlm

For more than 15 years, the path of searching for the stability of a salary or income online has been passed. My choice is the project of earning Ethereum cryptocurrency on a smart contract within the framework of CryptoHands.

A smart contract СryptoHands cannot disappear, start working according to a different algorithm. This is the first online project in history where fraud is impossible thanks to an immutable smart contract. Here, nothing can be stopped, changed, deleted, when the administration does everything in other projects.
In the СryptoHands cabinet, only transactions and structures of participants are displayed. Interaction between people occurs thanks to a smart contract.

Network marketing with administration is familiar to everyone. Whoever was there understands that projects are closed at any moment, taking away what they have earned. My case of sadness 2016 in a bitcoin project with administrators and organizers! MLM tools include: transfer to a personal account; investment in the site (platform); attracting partners, making a profit, ordering its payment from admins; sudden complete closure. The pockets of the administration have replenished to fame.

Smart contract agreement or deposit

Making a deposit at the bank. You sign the relevant document, which is at the disposal of the bank’s management. Under the terms of the agreement, the bank is obliged to pay the deposit or interest on it on a certain date. Apply and wait, especially if the amount is impressive.

Bypassing the bank, you yourself send your deposit to the Ethereum wallet. The growth of cryptocurrency affects the percentage of profit. There is a risk, because the coin may fall in price and rise again. In the case of attracting Ethereum money under a smart contract, there is no risk. I have a lot of experience on the Internet and I know what I’m talking about.

Tell yourself that the world of cryptocurrencies is a risky investment! My dear friend online! It is better to change your life by filling it with useful knowledge than to save money, sit on the couch and dream about what others can …

Third parties do not have access to your Ethereum wallet data. You don’t need to order a withdrawal. Through the exchangers in 5 minutes withdrew as much as needed. I provide information about reliable exchange offices, since I have been using them for more than a year. Make a choice about the reliability of the storage of funds.
There is also a certain point! The bank may close a branch in your city or close it altogether. He may also lower interest for one reason or another. Do you like being so stable? Forward. Close the page! 

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