The wind of change. Shattering the Boredom of Days
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My wonderful site visitors, potential partners! I continue to saturate the site with everyday events that stimulate changes in life, linking my life with earning ethereum on a smart contract as part of CryptoHands. We continue to feel the wind of change!

The wind of change. Boredom of everyday life

Boredom in our life comes when there are dull workdays, where you cannot escape the emotions of management, as a result of which the work becomes uninteresting. The routine of family life does not bring any interest. Surroundings also cause melancholy! The cells of this society live today, complaining about life and the state. I agree, it’s easier to blame someone!

Say “Natasha, share information with buyers” No! According to personal experience of communicating with ordinary people without a goal in life, this action gives bad results: it tires, relaxes, suppresses goals. The target audience is exclusively online!

Many people are afraid to admit to themselves that they are bogged down in this tangle of events, and accordingly become boring. Changing your life is not easy, but you do not want to be tied to the routine of hard work and everyday life. Draw your own conclusions! The wind of change is blowing!


We need people who are looking for us. We do not need people who exist on a salary and complain about life. You need to work with a target audience that knows their goals in life! The standard salary is the repayment of debts, the purchase of products, the payment of housing and communal services, the rest of our existence! Such a rhythm of life haunts people who are not interested, bored, because they have no goal to start changes the life.

Nobody from my environment knows about my desire to raise an online business – earning ethereum as part of the CryptoHands project on a smart contract. Based on personal experience, I am preparing a website along with a content plan for going out on social networks. These simple life changes began when I came to work as a cashier in a grocery store. 

The wind of change. Dreams come true... Buying a laptop and smartphone for an online business

For several years I dreamed of buying a smartphone. However, small earnings online (my experience on the Internet) did not allow the dream to come true. Standard expenses—utilities, groceries, secondhand—were constantly pursued. Civil marriage brought emptiness and poverty. The husband did not live up to expectations. Let’s not be pessimists. The experience of living together with my husband is very important for my future. The result – they sent him to a broken rural trough – his home. I took life into my own hands. I got a job as a sales assistant in a grocery store. The wind of change is blowing!

Getting a second salary is buying a smartphone in installments. Joy knows no bounds. The dream came true as soon as she was left alone. Now you can continue your business online. The husband did not support, in general he is lazy, he does not need anything in life. It suits him to twist the nuts at the service station and pour beer in the evenings.

There is no time to lose. I began to learn the actions of my dear mobile device. Download the WORD EXCEL application. Started creating a content plan. All working days, weekends dedicated to creating a content plan.

The long-awaited moment of buying a laptop has arrived. The reason was the non-working state of the computer, which turned off 8 times a day. I am buying a laptop in installments to raise my online business in the field of ethereum cryptocurrency on a smart contract as part of the CryptoHands project.

For what purpose do you use your smartphone? Is the wind of change blowing in your direction?

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