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Wind of change. Boredom of everyday life

Boredom in our life comes when there are dull working days in our lives, where the emotions of management cannot be avoided, as a result of which the work becomes uninteresting. The standard salary is paying off debts, buying groceries, paying utility bills, the rest of our existence!
The routine of family life does not bring any interest. The surrounding people also cause melancholy! The cells of this society live today, complaining about life and the state. I agree, it’s easier to blame someone! The wind of change does not blow in the direction of such people, because they do not know how to manage their lives.

Partners tell me! “Natasha, share information with buyers!” No, I answer! From personal experience of dealing with ordinary people without a goal in life, this action gives bad results. Very tiring, relaxing and overwhelms goals in life. The target audience is exclusively online! We need people who are looking for us. We do not need people who exist on a salary and complain about life. We need an audience that knows their goals in life!


Many people are afraid to admit to themselves that they are bogged down in this tangle of standard life events from advance to paycheck, and, accordingly, become boring. Changing a life isn’t easy, but you don’t want to be tied down to the routine of hard work and everyday life. Draw your own conclusions! Let the wind of change blow in your direction, my viewer!

No one from my circle knows the information that the same risk-free business of unlimited opportunities in the field of Ethereum cryptocurrency was found on the Internet. My simple life changes began when I came to work as a cashier in a grocery store.

Wind of change. Dreams come true... Buying a laptop and smartphone

For several years I dreamed of buying a smartphone. However, small earnings online did not allow the dream to come true. Standard expenses—utilities, groceries, secondhand—were constantly pursued. Civil marriage brought with emptiness, poverty. The husband did not live up to expectations.
Let’s not be pessimists. The experience of living together with my husband is very important for my future. The result – they sent him to a broken rural trough – his home. I took life into my own hands. I got a job as a sales clerk in a grocery store. The wind of change began to blow in my direction!

Getting a second salary is buying a smartphone in installments. Joy knows no bounds. The dream came true as soon as she was left alone. Now you can continue your business online. The husband did not support, in general he is lazy, he does not need anything in life. It suits him to turn nuts at a service station and pour beer in the evenings.

There is no time to waste. I began to study the actions of my mobile device. First of all, I downloaded Word and EXSEL applications. In a Word document, I wrote notes, thoughts, ideas! In excel, I created a site relevance map and a content plan for social networks! I devoted all my working days and weekends to changes in my life.

The long-awaited moment of buying a laptop has arrived. The reason was the non-working state of the computer, which turned off 8 times a day. I buy a laptop in installments in order to continue creating events on my personal website – Ethereum or Salary, the ideas of which were born during the working days! For what purposes do you use a smartphone and a laptop? Is the wind of change blowing in your direction?

My viewer! To your attention serial “Ordinary Person and Ethereum Smart contract. Communication from A to Z!”

Wind of change in the period of hard working days

Brothers and sisters! It is hard working days that are the wind of change in life, where you can not deny yourself anything. You can change your life with a busy weekday schedule. My working day is 14 hours and two days off.
Customize daily life events that you share with your surroundings in your smartphone notes. At home, when the weekend has come, transfer notes to your computer. Every time you catch a moment, happy or sad, always think about the thought of how you live today on a standard life schedule.

Household chores are always present in our lives. However, one cannot forbid the value of a weighty character to live beautifully! Maldives, Malta, Seychelles, Bali – dream and action! Start taking the first steps. The result of each working day is a developed next post-event in a smartphone.

Definitely want to tell my audience such words! “I’m tired and generally lazy! I am very tired”. Of course I understand my audience! Why live beautifully? Blame life and your hard work for everything. Do you want to miss out on the sweet time when lifelong income opportunities are at your feet? Then close the page! You cannot change your life for the better. Let a comfort zone remain in your life – words are parasites.

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